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High Roller Ul2272 Certified Hoverboard.

• The High Roller Hoverboard is a portable transportation solution ideal for getting around campus, the park, and even the office!
• Easy to learn and safe to ride, it's fun for the whole family.
• Reaches top speeds of up to 6 miles per hour.
• Two 300W high-powered motors and a safety certified lithium ion battery lets you ride up to 10 miles distance on a single charge.
• Controlled completely with your body and feet movements
• Full 360 degree on-the-spot rotation.
• Fine tuned foot pad for lightning-sharp turns.
• With lights for visibility at night.

NOTE: Certified Safe - The High Roller Hoverboard comes with a top of the line, smart charger that has passed rigorous safety tests. The patented design boasts a fire-resistant outer casing and battery cells are encased in a protective shell to ensure a safe riding experience.