How Much is it?

Extended warranties can start as low as 10% of the purchase price per year, depending on the product. Many electronics can have up to 3 years coverage.

The extended warranty covers only one item. To protect more than one item, multiple extended warranties can be purchased.

Please see chart below for typical plan costs:

Purchase Price 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year
$29.99 $3 $6 $9
$39.99 $4 $8 $12
$49.99 $5 $10 $15
$59.99 $6 $12 $18
$69.99 $7 $14 $21
$79.99 $8 $16 $24
$89.99 $9 $18 $27
$99.99 $10 $20 $30
$109.99 $11 $22 $33
$139.99 $14 $28 $42
$169.99 $17 $34 $51
$199.99 $20 $40 $60
$299.99 $30 $60 $90
$399.99 $40 $80 $120
Some products may have a 1 year warranty available at 20% of the purchase price.

How Does it Work?

All eligible products come with a 10 day defective warranty. Within those 10 days of your purchase, if your product is deemed defective by a associate, we will replace the defective part. Bring in all the components and packaging for your product and we will exchange the defective part.

All eligible products come with a standard warranty of up to 90 days. If you need to bring your defective product back to us after the 10 days we will create a services claim, and send the defective product to our technicians for repair. If the item cannot be repaired we will replace the defective product, If we no longer have that product, in order to complete the exchange we will give you an in-store credit for the value of the product at time of purchase. This in-store credit can be used anytime within the preceding year.

By purchasing a Extended Warranty you are lengthening the time in which you don't have to worry about Manufacturer's defects, we will take care of you.

Extended Warranty means peace of mind!

At we offer 1,2 or 3 years of extended protection, depending on the product. (See pricing on Back Page)

An Extended Warranty is an investment. An investment that will save you from repurchasing your item long after the original warranty expires. Knowing that your Extended Warranty will cover any Manufacturer's defect will give you peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that we will always be there for you when you need us.

If you encounter a Manufacturer's defect with the product in which you bought the Extended Warranty, you don't have a find a repair shop. Bring it back to us and we will either fix the item; or if that is not possible we will replace the defective product.

Not Covered under Warranty

  • Consumables, including batteries, print media, recordable media, etc.
  • Any lost data. Please back up your files.
  • The loss or theft of the product.
  • Physical damage to the product.
  • Damage resulting from liquids.
  • Damage caused by non-authorized installation or repair.
  • Indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature.
  • Use from wear and tear.

All products being brought back to for either repair or replacement must be accompanied by all the product's components and the original purchase invoice.

Warranty service/repair is subject to Manufacturer or Supplies turnaround time where applicable.
Please visit for your nearest store, or click on SUPPORT at the bottom of the website for ways to contact our customer services department. Or call 1-866-907-7788

Terms and Conditions


The extended warranty provides for the repair of the covered product that is found to be defective. If your item can not be repaired, it will be replaced. If a replacement is not available, an in-store credit will be issued for the purchase price of the item, less the warranty. All warranties carry limited liability only to the products that are purchased from Defective components not purchased through are your sole responsibility.


The extended warranty commences upon purchase date. The extended warranty expires 1,2 or 3 years from the effective date of purchase. The extended warranty will be terminated upon issuance of a store credit or replacement item.

Defects Covered

The extended warranty covers Manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship that occur during the term of the extended warranty as a result of the normal operation and use of the product.


The extended warranty may be cancelled at any time.

  • Based on the fraudulent or material misrepresentation of the customer in either purchasing the extended warranty or advancing a claim.
  • In the event of the unauthorized repair of the covered product.
  • In the event of a product being previously serviced for physical damage.
Exceptions may apply. Terms and Conditions subjects to change without notice.