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Item: LO0658         Model: 980-000658
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7 Days Warranty
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Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers (Rb).

-Fabric finish and contemporary design.
-Perfectly complements the good looks of your Mac® or Ultrabook™.
-Bluetooth wireless - Use your computer, tablet or smartphone to control your music and stream audio wirelessly.
-Up to 3 devices can be connected at the same time.
-*Easy switching between devices - Switching is as easy as pressing Pause on one device and Play on another.
-Delivers clear, room-filling sound - 3 drivers in each speaker provide superior acoustics for any space.
-Adjust the volume with a touch - Just glide your finger around the edge of the top panel of the right speaker to dial the volume up or down.
-Lay-flat cables run between the speakers and the power adapter, so there’s never an unsightly tangle of wires on your desk, table or countertop.
-Simple controls - The Power button, Bluetooth® pairing button and 3.5 mm auxiliary input are hidden discreetly in back of the right speaker.
-Works with non-Bluetooth devices, too - Connect the Z600 wirelessly to computers that don’t support Bluetooth using the included USB transceiver. Or, use the 3.5 mm auxiliary input to plug in any device with audio output like TVs, music players or game consoles.

*For computers with Bluetooth A2DP. For optimal experience use the USB Bluetooth transceiver (included). Connecting via native Bluetooth may be possible, but some computers will not permit audio streaming or smooth device switching.