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Item: PH2358         Model: HR2357/05
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Philips Hr2357 Premium Pasta & Noodle Maker.


Automatic mixing, kneading and extruding - After choosing a program and pressing start button, the machine automatically mixes, kneads and extrudes in one go.

Adding different ingredients to personalize the flavor - By using different flour and adding different ingredients like egg, herbs or spinach and carrot juice, you can make various type and flavor of pasta or noodle.

Unique shaping discs to create various type of pasta/noodle - With the machine there are 4 default shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccini and Lasagna.

Specially designed cleaning tool for easy one-push cleaning - Specially designed cleaning tool matches the shaping discs (Spaghetti and Fettuccini) that makes cleaning an easy one-push job.

Smart drawer design for shaping discs storage - At the bottom of the Pasta and noodle maker there is a storage drawer where you can easily store the shaping discs and cleaning tools.

Makes half pound of pasta in just 10 minutes - With advanced engineering and robust material and build of the machine, the Philips Pasta Maker can exert 1600 lb force on the dough during extrusion, which not only enables a fast making process in just 10 minutes, but also guarantees perfect texture and taste of the pasta.

• 200W power.
• 2 prefix programs.
• Automatic shut-off.
• Detachable shaft.
• LED display.
• Non-slip feet.
• On/Off switch.
• Preset cooking function.
• Ready signal.
• Safety lock.
• Power-on light.