What is Recertified?

Recertified FAQs

What is “Recertified” ?

“Recertified” is generally used to describe products that have been tested and certified to ensure that the product works the same as a brand new one and is then re-packaged for retail sale.

How long is the Warranty ?

Factorydirect’s standard warranties are generally from 30 to 90 days. For many types of products 30 to 90 days is more than sufficient. If you feel you need a longer warranty we stand behind our product quality by offering you the ability to upgrade your warranty to as much as 3 years for prices much lower than other warranty providers or our competitors.

Why is something Recertified...was it broken?

Generally speaking 5%-10% of all brand new products ever purchased are returned by the customer to the store within days of purchase. That’s a lot of product! Most of these items are barely used and returned because the customer “didn’t like it” or “it wasn’t what they expected” or “ they couldn’t figure out how to use it” or “my spouse said no – return it”... etc... (you get the idea). The vast majority of these items are working perfectly and are barely used. In fact some retailers put these products back on their shelves and may charge you full price.


How much can I save by choosing to buy “Recertified” instead of New ?

Educated customers that take advantage of these recertified deals can save up to 50% or more! Don’t take our word for it compare some of our “Recertified” product prices to brand new ones at your local big box store and you’ll be amazed at how much you can save !



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